CloudScript™ Telehealth and Video Conferencing Platform is a secure, lean, and scalable telehealth solution purpose-built for health and optimized for simplicity and convenience to patient and healthcare provider and facility. It is designed to digitize access to and utilization of healthcare services by transforming “last mile challenges” to smart virtual experiences.

  • Designed And Optimized For Day-to Day Healthcare Delivery
  • End-to-End Encrypted Platform
  • HIPAA And GDPR Compliant
  • Embedded Digital Prescribing Solution
  • Integrated with Online Appointment Booking
  • Integrated with Online and Mobile Payment Gateway
  • Customized Service Profiles and Accounts

We Deliver Complete and Customised Telehealth Business Solutions

  • Individual Health Provider
  • Small Medical Practice and Clinic
  • Enterprise Telehealth Solution for Hospital
  • Enterprise Telehealth Solution for Organizations
  • Enterprise Telehealth Solution for Health Insurance

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