About Us

Vortex Health Pty Ltd is a hybrid digital health enterprise founded in 2018 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We co-develop and co-design bespoke clinical expert systems delivered  either as distinct individual modules or as an integrated cluster. These solutions are delivered through our flagship digital health platform CloudScriptTM.

Our Solutions

Augmented Prescribing Intelligence

Secure Digital Prescription Architecture

Embedded Clinical Decision Support

Telehealth and Virtual Patient Care

Diagnostic and Laboratory Request Management

Online Appointment Booking and Management

Integrated Referral Management Solution

Real-Time Analytics and Big Data Solutions

Real-Time Patient Engagement

Digital Health Solutions for Health Insurance

Who we work with

Patients, Families and Caregivers

Improved access to health services, optimized patient experiences and engagement…

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Redefining healthcare service delivery models with smart and intuitive ….

Governments and Organisations

CloudScriptTM Supports improved patient outcomes by connecting clinicians …..

Health Insurance Schemes

Data-driven insights for risk assessment, cost containment, and fraud detection …..

Pharmaceutical Companies

Through our augmented prescribing and therapeutic intelligence we offer…

Regulatory Bodies and Policymakers

Promote clinical practice shaping, enhanced data security, standardized interoperability

Clinical Trials, Academia, Health Organizations

Accelerated research timelines, improved access to diverse patient populations…

Our Partners