CloudScriptTM Augmented Prescribing Intelligence

CloudScriptTM Digital Prescribing Solution offers a smart, intuitive, and interactive augmented digital prescribing intelligence with bespoke clinical algorithms and decision support tools. Connecting clinicians, patients, pharmacists, and other health services in real-time fashion, facilitating shared clinical decision making and optimizing therapeutic outcomes and medication safety.

Next Generation Pharma Intelligence

With intelligent predictive algorithms and validated risk models, CloudScript™ optimizes therapeutic outcomes by gathering clinical insights to inform rational prescribing practices and shared treatment decision making. Our next generation clinical Intelligence with high-performance analytics and interactive granular data visualization, offers real-time therapeutic and pharmaco-epidemiological intelligence.

Digitizing, Transforming, Innovating, and Optimizing Rational Prescribing and Medication Management

Enterprise-Ready Pharmaceutical Benefits Intelligence

Therapeutic and Pharmacovigilance Intelligence

Medication Access Programs (MAP)

Medication Prior Authorizations

Clinical Trials Medication Modules

Secure Pharmaceutical Loyalty Program

Secure Prescription and Medication Coupon

Prescription and Medication Discount Coupon


#Chetidawa is a creative Swahili word representing our innovative, secure, end-to-end encrypted, digital prescription architecture powered by CloudScript™. Chetidawa delivers smart, seamless, convenient, and efficient way to manage prescriptions and medication services and transactions. Once issued by authorized registered practitioners, #chetidawa can be accessed by any pharmacy with permission from the patient or securely transmitted to the pharmacy of choice.

#Chetidawa is telehealth ready and can be integrated with any EMR or pharmacy dispensing software or mobile application.


Ontime, Anytime, Anywhere

Requests, Refills, and Repeats

Chronic Disease Self-Management

Reminders and Adherence Support

Home and On-Premises Delivery

24/7 Virtual Pharmacist Support

Designed for Interoperability