Our Ecosystem and Partnerships

The healthcare ecosystem is a complex and interconnected network of individuals, organizations, technologies, and policies working synergistically to deliver healthcare services and improve the overall health of individuals and communities. Digital health solutions have a transformative role in enhancing patient experiences, treatment outcomes, service delivery efficiency and productivity, accessibility, and quality of care across various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. CloudScript™ delivers a critical and secure enterprise-level docking station for amplifying and transforming service delivery.

Patients, Families and Caregivers

Improved access to health services, optimized patient experiences and engagement, remote patient monitoring, personalized care, and chronic disease self-management models of care. Enabling patients and communities to become active participants in their healthcare journey, leading to better health outcomes. Increased visibility into patient health, improved communication with healthcare providers, and access to educational resources. Our solutions support families and caregivers in providing better support and care to their loved ones, streamline access to on-demand medical services.

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Redefining healthcare service delivery models with smart and intuitive clinical expert systems, clinical decision support, streamlined workflows, real-time access to patient data, enhanced communication among healthcare teams.  Our solutions are designed to improve access to more efficient and personalized care.

  • Online Appointment Booking and Management
  • Online Service Visibility
  • Dedicated Service Dashboards
  • Secure Telehealth Solution
  • Custom and Interactive Inpatient Medication Chart
  • Custom Electronic Prescribing Solution
  • Digital Prescription Services

Governments and Organisations

CloudScriptTM Supports improved patient outcomes by connecting clinicians, patients, pharmacists, and other health services in real time, facilitating rational prescribing practices, shared clinical decision making based on peer-reviewed clinical guidelines. Providing critical digital infrastructure for:

  • Real-Time Medication Management Solution
  • Rational Prescribing and Medication Safety
  • Support Professional Development Projects
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Forecasting and Modelling Projects
  • Pharmaco-Therapeutic Intelligence
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management
  • Virtual and Remote Patient Monitoring

Health Insurance Schemes

Data-driven insights for risk assessment, cost containment, and fraud detection. Our solutions are designed to allow organisations make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance the overall efficiency of healthcare financing as well as addressing long standing issues in the healthcare industry. Digital solutions will contribute to the expansion of these services to the wider population as well as help reduce the cost of health insurance in the long run, increasing access to the population.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Through our augmented prescribing and therapeutic intelligence we offer customised and market intelligence , better understanding of product introduction and adoption, therapeutic outcomes, real-time pharmacovigilance, and enhanced post-market surveillance. Our solutions enable pharmaceutical companies to gather real-world data for research and development and address global issues.

Regulatory Bodies

Promote clinical practice shaping, enhanced data security, standardized interoperability, and improved regulatory compliance. Our solutions assist policymakers in developing and enforcing regulations that safeguard patient safety, real-time product information, and ensure the quality of healthcare services.

Clinical Trials, Academia, Research, and Public Health Organizations

Accelerated research timelines, improved access to diverse patient populations, and real-time data for evidence-based decision-making. Our solutions facilitate collaboration and data sharing among researchers and provide smart medication management solution for small to large scale clinical trials. Enhanced ability to track and respond to public health issues, improved preventive strategies, and increased community engagement. The integration of CloudScriptTM solutions enhances collaboration, efficiency, and the overall quality of care across the healthcare continuum.