CloudScript For Business

Premium Virtual Healthcare Experience Tailored For Business And Corporate Members

  • 24/7 Access to General Practitioners
  • Access to a Network of Medical Specialists
  • Access to a Network of Specialized Medical Services
  • Access to a Network of Diagnostic Centres
  • Access to a Network of Virtual Pharmacies
  • Access to Digital Prescription Service
  • Access to Home and On-Premises Sample Collections Services
  • Access to Home and On-Premises Medication Delivery Services

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  • Pharmaceutical Benefits and Discounts
  • Smart Online Booking Services
  • On-Demand or Scheduled Virtual Healthcare Services
  • Smart and Seamless Virtual Healthcare
  • Personalized Value-Added Services
  • Flexible and Customized Packages
  • On-Premises, Off-Premises, and Home-Based Care

CloudScriptTM SmartCare Program

Improving accessibility and cost of healthcare services is critical for improving patient outcomes. Through strategic, innovative, and market-based partnerships, the CloudScriptTM SmartCare Program delivers an innovative solution to transform healthcare services by empowering individuals and communities with digital channels for accessing and utilising health services regardless of their geographical and socioeconomic status.

CloudScriptTM SmartCare Program greatly appreciates any donation. These donations help us deliver valuable virtual services. You can also request that your donation be used to support a particular service, facility or specific health care provider.

To learn more about this program and how you can donate, please email us here.

    Do you want to partner and work with us?

    Please get in touch and let’s transform our healthcare together