CloudScript™ is a comprehensive, secure, cloud-based digital health platform. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, CloudScriptTM provides intelligent, scalable, and system-wide solutions to transform the management of health care delivery across multi-stakeholder ecosystems. CloudScriptTM is a product of Vortex Health Pty Ltd, a hybrid digital health enterprise founded in 2018 And currently registered and operating in Australia and Tanzania and has obtained multi-level government approvals in both countries.

Our Services and Solutions

  • Augmented electronic prescribing intelligence
  • Digital prescription ecosystem
  • Telehealth and virtual patient monitoring
  • Electronic referral architecture
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Therapeutic intelligence
  • Digital health solution for insurance
  • Research, clinical trials, and training
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    Benefits of CloudScript™

    • Reduce Medication Errors and Medication-Related Adverse Effects
    • Improve Clinical Workflow, Data Management, and Service Delivery
    • Streamlined and Customized Real-Time Medication Data and Reporting
    • Improved Patient Safety and Clinical Outcomes
    • Real-Time Therapeutic Surveillance and Pharmacovigilance Intelligence
    • Custom and Real-Time Medication and Pharmaceuticals Monitoring
    • Interoperability with EMR and Dispensing Software


    Chetidawa is a creative Swahili language innovation for secure, end-to-end encrypted, digital prescription under CloudScript™. It is an innovative, secure, convenient, and efficient way to manage your medication. Once issued by authorized registered practitioners, #chetidawa can be securely transmitted to the pharmacy of choice or accessed by any pharmacy with permission from the patient. In addition, #chetidawa is telehealth ready and can be integrated with any EMR or dispensing software or mobile application.


    CloudScript™ is device and platform agnostic and natively compliant with HL7-FHIR. Powered by SNOMED-CT and ICD-11 terminologies and coding systems, CloudScript™ allows dynamic data exchange and standardization of clinical documentation across the health system. CloudScript™ leverages advanced hybrid cybersecurity technology incorporating blockchain technology, allowing for heavy-duty end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and it is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Our secure Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitate seamless dovetailing and integration with any medical software, electronic medical records systems, pharmacy software, and disease registries.

    CloudScript SmartCare Program

    Improving accessibility and cost of healthcare services is critical for improving patient and consumer outcomes. Telehealth solutions offers a unique solution to revolutionize the delivery and access to healthcare services. Reliable connectivity is critical to the implementation of Telehealth services. CloudScript SmartCare Program is innovative partnership seeking to empower and equip individuals and communities with resources and access utilize digital modalities of care regardless of their geographical and socioeconomic status.


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