Powering Smart HealthCare

  • Augmented electronic prescribing intelligence
  • Digital prescriptions architecture
  • Electronic referral architecture
  • Digital health solution for medical insurance
  • Appointment management solution
  • Secure clinical documentation
  • Secure messaging

E - Prescribing and Digital
Prescription Architecture

Electronic Prescription

Electronic prescription is a paperless method of prescribing medication by healthcare providers, which has numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, improved patient safety, and reduced errors.

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Digital Prescription

Digital prescription refers to the electronic prescribing of medication by healthcare providers, which offers benefits such as increased efficiency and improved patient safety.

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Health Insurance Solutions

Digital Health Solution Partner for Your Health Insurance

  • Telehealth and virtual patient monitoring
  • Versatile A.I backed platform
  • Claims management and automation
  • Custom fraud management solution
  • portfolio growth and development
  • Data insights

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Secure and scalable
telehealth platform

Secure and scalable telehealth solution purpose-built for health and optimized for simplicity and convenience to patient and healthcare provider. Designed to digitize“ access to and utilization of healthcare services.

HIPAA and GDPR compliant .
Lean scalable architecture

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For Governments

Supports improved patient outcomes by connecting clinicians, patients, pharmacists, and other health services in real time, facilitating shared clinical decision making based on peer-reviewed clinical guidelines. With intelligent predictive algorithms and validated risk models, CloudScript™ optimizes therapeutic outcomes by gathering clinical insights to inform rational prescribing practices and shared treatment decision

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Healthcare Providers

  • Secure Telehealth Solution
  • HIPAA/GDPR Compliant
  • Electronic Prescribing Solution
  • Diagnostic Request Management
  • Online Service Visibility
  • Online Appointments Booking Solution
  • Integration With EMR
  • Online And Mobile Payment Solution
  • Automated Prior Authorization
  • Interactive Service Dashboard

Hospital and Health

  • Online Appointment Booking and Management
  • Online Service Visibility
  • Dedicated Service Dashboard
  • Secure Telehealth Solution
  • Custom and Interactive Inpatient Medication Chart
  • Custom Electronic Prescribing Solution
  • Digital Prescription Services and Diagnostic Request Management

Research Projects
and Clinical Trials

The CloudScript™ research module is highly customizable, and scalable designed to manage research projects, clinical trials, prescriptions, and dispensing services.

The interactive adherence tool offers a novel and dynamic and interactive medium to engage patients and their families through a multidimensional...

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