CloudScript™ Telehealth and Video Conferencing Platform

CloudScript™ Telehealth and Video Conferencing Platform is a secure, lean, and scalable telehealth solution purpose-built for health and optimized for simplicity and convenience to patient and healthcare provider. It is designed to digitize access to and utilization of healthcare services by disrupting “last mile challenges” to smart virtual experiences.

  • Designed and optimized healthcare delivery
  • End to end encrypted.
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Compliance with global and jurisdictional security protocols
  • Embedded facial authentication

Optimized virtual consultation

  • Enterprise ready patient-facing telehealth solution
  • Intuitively designed to augment clinical workflows.
  • Automated and customized virtual
  • Lean and scalable architecture
  • Device and platform agnostic
  • Embedded augmented prescribing intelligence
  • Embedded digital prescription solution
  • Integrated online booking solution