A Digital Health Solution Partner For Your Health Insurance Portfolio.


A Digital Health Solution Partner For Your Health Insurance Portfolio.

CloudScript™ offers a 360° view of each policy, from inception to claims, with real-time updates bespoke analytics, and penetrating insights.


Our custom claims dashboard offers dynamic 360° view of each policy, from inception to claims, with real-time customizable updates to facilitate efficiency and high-fidelity claims management capabilities. Our solutions are designed to render the insurer’s health Insurance portfolio more profitable, cut down unnecessary costs, bring a significant reduction in number of fraudulent claims, reduce administrative overhead, and cost saving through smart diagnostic, imaging, and laboratory request management workflow.

CloudScript™ innovative solutions are designed to bring insurers in a position of control relative to their medical insurance portfolio. Our tailor-made reports with granular data covering all aspects of policyholder journey offer multiple possibilities: swift claims settlement solutions, insights into portfolio growth opportunities and enhanced analytics for improved underwriting and modelling.

CloudScript™ also delivers augmented, seamless, and smart delivery of healthcare services to policyholders, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction


Versatile AI Backend Platform

  • 360° Visibility of Policyholder Journey
  • Online Appointment Booking Engine
  • Telehealth Consultation Services
  • Secure Online Payment Solution
  • Customized Multi-Pathway Electronic Referral Solution
  • Value-Added Digital Prescription Service for Members
  • Real-Time Visibility of Pharmaceuticals and Medications Utilization
  • Therapeutic and Prescribing Intelligence
  • Central Database for All Policy Transactions
  • Secure Medical Documentation and Clinical Messaging
  • Revolutionary Claims Management Capabilities

Custom fraud management solution

  • Real-Time Fraud Detection
  • Multi-Stage Fraud Prevention
  • Multi-Stage Fraud Management
  • Multi-Stage Fraud Management
  • Digital Document Verification and Validation
  • Authentication and Identity Verification

Analytics and Data Intelligence

  • Real-Time Granular Data
  • Dynamic Claims Management Dashboard
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Penetrating Claims Insights
  • Data Driven Underwriting
  • Policy Renegotiation
  • Precision Modelling and Forecasting

Diagnostic and laboratory requests management

  • Cost savings through reduction
  • Custom real-time verification
  • Real-time diagnostic requests management
  • Customised to policy terms and conditions
  • Customised prior authorisations

Claims management and automation

  • Real-Time Policy Verification
  • Custom Claims Management Dashboard
  • Automated and Streamlined Processing
  • Reduced Administrative Work & Overhead
  • Real-Time Prior Authorization Solution
  • Custom Claims APIs

Portfolio growth and development

  • Increase Insurance Reach and Penetration
  • Corporate Advantage and Business Opportunities
  • Value-Added Premium Service to Members
  • Portfolio Re-Engineering
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Pathway to Untapped Markets

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